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Business Law

Becker Law Group vigorously represents business clients in a wide variety of legal matters.


The deals and decisions you make, especially during the early stages of building your business, can have a crucial impact on the success of your business.

These decisions may also determine whether legal disputes will arise later. Our experienced attorneys assist the firm's business clients with all of their corporate law needs. Our services include corporate formation, negotiation of all types of contracts, and assisting businesses with securities matters.


At Becker Law Group, we understand that the current business climate is difficult, especially for small businesses. Your bills and debts may be rising, and you may be facing the possibility of going out of business or losing your lease or mortgage. Our experienced business and bankruptcy attorneys will meet with you to discuss your business' particular situation and discuss your possible options. We will then develop a bankruptcy plan under a Chapter 11 Reorganization, or loan modification plan that meets your needs. Please see our Bankruptcy page for more information regarding the options available to you and your business.


Unfortunately, business disputes often arise. Depending on the size of your business, a dispute involving even one contract can have a devastating impact on a small business. Our experienced business attorneys have successfully resolved a wide variety of business disputes, including matters such as:

  1. Contract disputes
  2. Real estate and lease disputes
  3. Shareholder disputes
  4. Management and employee disputes
  5. Internal disputes over the management and direction of the company

If you are facing a business dispute, it is important to hire experienced legal representation to ensure that your business's rights and assets are protected.

International Law

Becker Law Group possesses significant experience in international trade and business matters, especially with China. For more information about this part of our practice, please see our International Law page.

Real Estate

The decision to purchase or lease real estate for your business is a decision that can have significant financial implications and even affects the rest of your business. The experienced attorneys at Becker Law Group can assist you with making the decision and provide advice and counsel regarding the legalities that arise throughout the process. Additionally, our attorneys will aggressively represent your rights, assets, and interests should a dispute arise.

Seek Experienced Legal Representation

Regardless of the legal matter with which your business needs assistance, the attorneys at Becker Law Group have the experience and dedication to provide the representation you require. If you need assistance with a business matter, contact us today at 1-800-946-6332 so we can begin taking the steps to ensure that your rights and interests are fully protected.

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