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Visa law is a complex field - while you'll find plenty of information on the Internet about visa applications, it's all too easy to make mistakes.

So if you're seeking a work-related, family-based or cultural exchange visa, you'll need help from an immigration lawyer you can trust to handle every detail with competence and care. And that's precisely where Becker Law Group can help.

The Visa Law Services You Need

We have the skill and knowledge to tackle your visa law matter in a manner that best serves your needs. And we'll work hard to see to it that your visa application process goes smoothly. Becker Law Group makes a point of providing the attentive, personalized service you deserve. As your immigration lawyer, we will work tirelessly to bring your case to a successful conclusion, patiently answering your questions and addressing your concerns every step of the way.

We Can Help With EB-5, H1B & L1 Visas

Don't try to handle your visa application on your own. Contact Becker Law Group today at 1-800-946-6332 to schedule your consultation.

About EB-5 | 中文

EB-5 is a program established by Congress in 1990 with the goal of encouraging investment from foreign sources with the specific objective of creating new and sustainable American jobs. The program is administered by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

In broad terms, EB-5 is composed of the following characteristics:

Regional Center Stand-Alone
Job creation per $500,000 investment. 10 - Both direct and indirect jobs 10 - Only direct jobs
Job creation may come from indirect sources Yes No
Involvement in investment Indirect Direct or Indirect depending on the business structure
Mandatory local residence No Yes/No
Determination of applicatant approval Individual applocations adjudicated once Regional Center is approved Single step approval process

For specific information we encourage you to visit USCIS’s EB-5 website here.

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