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Intellectual Property Law

Becker Law Group's intellectual property law services are designed to benefit creative individuals like you.

We help clients register copyrights, patents, and trademarks for their original creative works and protect them against infringement. After all, proper registration, protection of assets, and careful planning may prevent expensive litigation in the future.

Protect Your Work

Whether you're part of a large organization or an entrepreneurial start-up, you may benefit from the protections offered by intellectual property law. Having the proper protections in place offers certain advantages, such as having a public record of your ownership and protection from third party infringement. If you're looking to secure copyright or register a trademark or patent, Becker Law Group can help.

Your original work plays an important role in your future livelihood and rightfully belongs to you, and we want to help make sure that your ownership, rights, and exclusivity are legally recognized and protected. Call today at 1-800-946-6332 to learn more.

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