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International Law

Matters involving international trade and transactions are highly complex, detailed, and diverse.

As trading borders between nations have become more relaxed and international trade has expanded, so have the laws, rules, and regulations that govern these activities. It is important to hire experienced international law attorneys who can provide you with a customized plan that will protect your interests and helps you achieve your business and trade goals.

Large Firm Experience, Small Firm Attention

The attorneys at Becker Law Group provide a unique perspective that combines their personal experience in business with their experience and knowledge as attorneys. We provide every client with the exceptional quality of representation one would expect from a large law firm, with the personal attention and responsiveness of a small firm. Our vast experience ensures that we are familiar with all of the applicable state, federal, and international laws that may impact a particular transaction or situation.

The smaller size of our firm allows us to provide each client with the personal attention and customized representation that one would expect and desire when engaged in a complex international business matter. We guide our clients through the complexities of their particular situation and apprise them of the applicable rules and law that may significantly impact the transaction. We view our clients' success as a critical measurement of our effectiveness as attorneys.

China Trade Law

Mr. Becker possesses significant experience representing international clients in a wide variety of legal issues, and he provides extensive consultation services to corporations both in the United States and China in the areas of international trade and business law. Additionally, he serves as U. S. Corporate Counsel to Golden Chang, which is the world's largest manufacturer of work, military, and hiking boots. Mr. Becker is also a businessman who frequently travels to China for his own business interests.

Full Range of International Law Services

The firm's experienced attorneys provide our international business clients with a wide variety of services. We have particular experience handling matters in China. Our services include negotiation and execution of international transactions, assistance with import-export matters and agreements, and other international trade matters.

Seek Experienced Legal Counsel

If you need assistance with a matter involving international law, Becker Law Group provide experienced and dedicated legal representation using a unique combination of legal knowledge and experience in the business world. Contact us today at 1-800-946-6332 to discuss your international law matter.

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